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By Frank Krueger March 29, 2020 0 comments


MyFreedomJersey is your one-stop-shop for all things Americana, bringing you the Crème de la Crème in patriotic jerseys, political memorabilia, and campaign gear. Our brand is inspired by the millions of hardworking patriots from across the country--just like you! Fighting to preserve the ethos of the American Dream…

We fight to preserve today’s America for the youth of tomorrow...

As Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media Whales threaten to engulf the internet, monopolizing the media and censoring the voices of Conservative Americans, there's never been a more liminal moment in history for proud Americans to join forces and become the pioneers of their own destiny.

We’ve designed this community for our fellow compatriots to commune, raise general awareness on social issues, trade stories, and spread the goodwill of our platform. At the heartline of our business, we want our customers to revel in our brand, sustained in the knowledge they are contributing to the growth of our beloved homeland, improving the lives of our veterans one jersey at a time.

The very fabric of this great nation was founded upon the precepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by our founding forefathers, which is what we here at MyFreedomJersey aim to deliver right to your door.  

Remember that no man is an island, which is why we must collectively band together to suppress the blue wave tsunami that is threatening to crush our very way of life and erode the bedrock of our great nation before it’s too late. We cannot allow the follies of democracy to decimate our ranks! 


Be a part of history in the making and help America become great again by offering your support to the incredible men and women who fight for our freedom and give their lives for ours!


Purchases from our shop help do the following for America: 

  • They allow us to reap the fruits of our labor as we prepare to charge the big wave of tech companies submerging youth culture within its murky liberal trenches. 
  • Educate the masses on pressing social issues, encouraging them to wake up, lead by example and be the change they wish to see. 
  • Preserve the edifice and core value structure of what makes our country the greatest, most powerful nation on earth!

With your help, together we can stop the blue menace and Keep America Great!


In gratitude for their blood, sweat, and tears, we vow to donate a portion of our proceeds as a tribute to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces each time you shop with us. For every jersey you decide to purchase at our store, a percentage of the proceeds will go to fund the Wounded Warrior Project, a national charity offering financial aid for injured veterans and their families, including those who have lost their loved ones in combat. In collaboration with our friends down at the Wounded Warrior Project, we hope to ease the burdens brought about by the casualties of war by helping wounded soldiers and their families supplement daily household needs and living expenses.

Our Promise

Rest assured that $1 dollar from every jersey you order not only helps heal old wounds but protects the legacy of our veterans for generations to come.

At MyFreedomJersey, we know freedom matters, your unalienable right to collect and select is something we understand and we look forward to sending you the latest and greatest in Patriotic Memorabilia.


If your heart beats true, for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE and you love America as much as we do...tell us! Join our customer rewards program today and helps build a legacy your children can be proud of. Be a part of history in the making and help make America the greatest it’s ever been. We look forward to you receiving your next Freedom Jersey, spreading our mission and vision with your friends and family!

United we may stand, divided we might fall, but together WE WILL RISE AND CONQUER ALL!


As American as Apple Pie, Blue Jeans, Baseball and Rock & Roll Music, MyFreedomJersey is your number one resource for all things American and those who would like to be. We represent the best of All-American Values, in support of our President, our military and our countrymen.


We must band together to create opportunities for the greater good and fulfill our patriotic duty to our beloved homeland. We must marshall our resources and coral our fellow compatriots into action. We must protect our garden of ideals and the fruits of our labor from invading parasites unraveling the very fabric of this great nation and all that threatens to dismantle the loom by which the moral fiber of our society is woven.

In the battle against naked aggression, we must always be poised and ready. In Omnia Paratus!


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