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Pride for COVID-19-Free America

By Frank Krueger April 30, 2020 0 comments


On March 29, President Donald Trump twitted, “WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. When we achieve this victory, we will emerge stronger and more united than ever before!” This is the kind of spirit we should be wearing on our sleeves in this time of COVID-19 — which you can, with a patriotic, all-American My Freedom Jersey.

Why now?

Today, the nation is at war with an invisible enemy. Our front liners in all areas of  government need the support of patriots, like yourself, from all sectors of the society. As  you heed to shelter-in-place and physical distancing policies, and step back from your  daily normal, your country needs you to take a giant step forward.

Echo the glory of America by wearing a My Freedom Jersey to rally our front liners and 
help restore our great nation. Even as we face an invisible enemy, we know there’s  nothing impossible if we stand side-by-side. Together, let us rally as united Americans  to yet another victory against this war and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Why My Freedom Jersey?

This freedom shirt is designed as a baseball jersey. What can be more American than  one of America’s best-loved ball sports? Beyond appearance, each piece commemorates  the pride, liberty, and justice that we, as a nation, greatly uphold. These core values,  along with our steadfast loyalty to our great nation of heroes, have the power to fuel our  undaunted spirit despite great adversity and uncertainty in these trying times.

Red, White, and Blue dominate the colors of the My Freedom Jersey USA Freedom  Collection. Two design variations are made available. One has a “USA” printed in front  and the number, “1” at the back. Another has a “USA” printed in front, and the text,  “Trump 45” at the back.

Base colors are available in White, Gray, Blue, Red, and Black. The right arm is printed  with stars while the left arm is printed with red and white stripes. The image of the  Statue of Liberty is prominently displayed on the front part.

Style-wise, My Freedom Jersey is highly versatile. Unlike most other American freedom  shirts, the jersey is designed for comfort and versatility. This button-down collection will  flatter both masculine and feminine physiques. Worn on its own or used as a topper, the  results are just as equally flattering. Most importantly, each piece clearly showcases a  strong love for and unshakable loyalty to America.

We Will Heal As A Nation

Show the world how much you cherish that deep sense of devotion to our country and fellow Americans. As the country suffers from the unprecedented consequences of a pandemic, let not your devotion for America crumble. Wear and share your national pride with a Freedom Jersey. Ignite our united passion as a powerful nation from within. Our country needs heroes today. Part of our common duty as citizens of this great nation is to cheer on our valiant front liners, our modern day heroes, in this war against COVID-19.


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